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Volume 118 "Corporate/Industrial"
is the latest release from nTracks Music. Out latest installment of Corporate/Industrial. Corporate/Industrial is the style that started it for us over 20 years ago. And remains our most popular style. These generic tracks are sure to fit any video production.
Click below to preview tracks.  All tracks are of course royalty free.

Pricing Information

"Purchasing Tracks Online"

Each NARRATOR TRACKS MUSIC track can be purchased from our website as a complete buy-out for the prices listed below. Each download includes a main theme between 4 and 5 minutes long and broadcast edits :60, :30 a Stinger and, if appropriate, an alternate mix. All tracks are hi-rez Mp3s.

(All tracks are to be used only for broadcast, in-house training and promotional videos, video conferencing and productions, trade shows and new product videos. Using Narrator Tracks for resale in commercial products or redistribution is strictly prohibited. Email for more info.)

1-3 Tracks .... $34.95 ea.
4-6 Tracks .... $29.95 ea.
7-9 Tracks .... $24.95 ea.
10 Tracks or more .... $19.95 ea.

"CD Buy - Out Pricing"

Each NARRATOR TRACKS MUSIC volume can be purchased as a complete buy-out for the prices listed below. Each CD contains 7 to 10 main themes and each theme has been edited into 4 or 5 cuts, both as 4 to 5 minute and broadcast lengths.

1 CD = $69.95
2-4 CDs .... $59.95 ea.
5-10 CDs .... $49.95 ea.
11-19 CDs .... $39.95 ea.
20+ CDs .... $29.95 ea.

Our "Lease To Own" program is
unlike any other music library.

You can lease the entire library, plus all new releases of Narrator Tracks Music with our lease to own program.

For only $499 per year, our Lease Program:

• Will give you the synchronization rights to our entire library plus all the new releases during the next year for any productions you produce during that year.

• All the money you pay in can be converted to a buy-out at anytime.

For example: You choose to subscribe to our blanket licensing program for one year. At the start of the second year you decide not to renew. You may now use the money you paid for the past year’s lease and keep CDs of your choice at a one time buy-out price of $99.95 for each CD. Once those CDs are converted to buy-out, there are no more annual synchronization fees to pay for the music on those CDs.

Another example: You stay with our blanket licensing program for three years. At the start of the fourth year you decide not to renew. You may now take the credit of three years of payments and use it to convert the CDs of your choice to a one time buy-out. Once you’ve converted the CDs of your choice to buy-out, there are no more annual fees to pay on those CDs.

You get the benefit of the entire library for minimal dollars and when you opt out of the program, you aren’t out any money!

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